Eric introduces an element of fun into the collection, and we advise a strategy of ‘go-for-it’ when colour combining and laying these tiles. The rule is – There are no rules; mix and match colours, add in wood tones, create borders and inset designs. A seemingly endless choice of colours allows freedom and creativity to rise to the challenge! We can’t wait to see the results.

24eric_pattern_muschio 23eric_pattern_avocado 22eric_pattern_traffico 21eric_pattern_vertigris 20eric_pattern_eucalipto 19eric_pattern_giada




18eric_pattern_mela 17eric_pattern_verde 16eric_pattern_lattuga 15eric_pattern_prato 14eric_pattern_saggio 13eric_pattern_cavalloni




12eric_pattern_acciaio 11eric_pattern_bottiglia 10eric_pattern_reale 9eric_pattern_bambino 8eric_pattern_acqua 7eric_pattern_cielo




6eric_pattern_marrone_dark 5eric_pattern_marrone_mid 4eric_pattern_marrone_light 3eric_pattern_grigio 2eric_pattern_avorio 1eric_pattern_bianco




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